Telecommunications Services
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Competitive Supplier
Select365 Wireless, LLC 2981
Select800 Response Information Services LLC 2831 S1
SelectAccess One, Inc. 2991
SelectAccess Point, Inc.North Carolina Access Point, Inc.2292 S1
SelectAccessLine Communications CorporationVoice Telco Services2819 S2
SelectACN Communication Services, LLC 2534 S3
SelectAdvantage Telecommunications, Corp. 2419 S1
SelectAffinity Network IncorporatedHorizonOne Communications et al.989 S3
SelectAirespring, Inc. 2708 S2
SelectAirus, Inc. 2936 S1
SelectAlliance Global Networks LLC 2919
SelectAmerican Telecommunications Systems, Inc. 2220 S1
SelectAmeriVision Communications, Inc.Lifeline Communications2078 S2
SelectANPI Business, LLC 2585 S3
SelectANPI, LLC 2235 S2
SelectAT&T Corp. 2547 S5
SelectATC Outdoor DAS, LLC 2918
SelectBaltimore-Washington Telephone Company 2978 CLEC, LLC 2900 S1
SelectBCM One, Inc. 2987 S1
SelectBCN Telecom, Inc. 2694 S2
SelectBirch Communications, LLC 3047 S 1
SelectBirch Telecom of the West, LLCBirch Communications2990 S 1
SelectBlockchains Communications LLC 3053
SelectBroadband Dynamics, L.L.C. 2969
SelectBroadview Networks, Inc. 2901 S1
SelectBroadvox-CLEC, LLC 2924
SelectBroadwing Communications, LLC 2764 S2
SelectBuehner-Fry, Inc.Direct Dial USA and Resort Operator Services2206 S1
SelectBullsEye Telecom, Inc. 2751 S2
SelectBusiness Network Long Distance, Inc. 2767 S1
SelectCalifornia Broadband Cooperative, Inc. 2964
SelectCalifornia Internet, L.P.GeoLinks3055
SelectCallCatchers Inc.FreedomVoice Systems3037
SelectCascade Access, LLCReliance Connects2617 S3
SelectCause Based Commerce Inc. 2897 S1
SelectCBTS Technology Solutions LLC 2792 S 2
SelectCCT Telecommunications, Inc.CCT Telecom2519 S3
SelectCentral Nevada Communications and Electric, LLC 3009
SelectCentral Telcom Services, LLCCentraCom Interactive3008
SelectCentral Telecom Long Distance, Inc. 2916
SelectCenturyLink Communications, LLC 1063 S7
SelectCenturyLink Public Communications, Inc.CenturyLink2333 S4
SelectCharter Fiberlink NV-CCVII, LLC 2796 S1
SelectComcast Phone of Nevada, LLCComcast Digital Phone2935
SelectCommnet Nevada Subco, LLC 3035
SelectCommon Point LLC 2988
SelectCommunication Telefonicas Latinas Corp 2932
SelectCommunications Network Billing, Inc. 2850 S1
SelectConsumer Telcom, Inc. 2875 S1
SelectConterra Ultra Broadband, LLC 3017
SelectConvergia, Inc. 2739 S1
SelectCorcom Communications Inc. 3021
SelectCox Nevada Telcom, LLC 2375 S1
SelectCrexendo Business Solutions, Inc. 2956
SelectCrown Castle Fiber LLC 3052
SelectCrown Castle NG West LLC 2816 S3
SelectCustom Teleconnect, Inc. 2358 S1
SelectDCT Telecom Group, Inc. 2822 S1
SelectDeltaCom, LLCEarthLink Business I2181 S4
SelectDigital Transportation Corporation 3034
SelectdishNET Wireline L.L.C. 3027
SelectEarthLink Business, LLC 2494 Sub 2
SelectElectric Lightwave, LLCIntegra Telecom2232 S3
SelectEnhanced Communications Group, L.L.C. 2584 S1
SelectEnhanced Communications Network, Inc.Asian American Association Telecom Services2394 S2
SelectEntelegent Solutions, Inc. 2929
SelectExteNet Systems, Inc. 2873 S1
SelectFatbeam, LLC 3040
SelectFirst Choice Technology, Inc. 2861 S1
SelectFirst Communications, LLC 2865 S1
SelectFlowroute CLEC Inc. 3002 S 2
SelectFrance Telecom Corporate Solutions L.L.C. 2797 S1
SelectFrontier Communications of America, Inc. 2128 S4
SelectFrontier Communications Online and Long Distance* 2941 S1
SelectG3 Telecom USA Inc. 2972
SelectGC Pivotal, LLC 2960
SelectGlobal Crossing Local Service, Inc. 2320 S3
SelectGlobal Crossing Telecommunications, Inc. 941 S3
SelectGlobal Tel*Link Corporation 2080 S1, LLC 3039
SelectGranite Telecommunications, LLC 2768 S1
SelectGrasshopper Group, LLC 3001
SelectGreat America Networks, Inc. 3032
SelectHighlands Wireless Inc. 3012
SelectHotwire Communications, L.P. 2993
SelectIDT America Corp. 2943
SelectImperial Wireless Networks LLC 3050
SelectinContact, Inc.UCN2518 S5
SelectInmate Calling Solutions, LLCICSolutions2771 S1
SelectIntegrated Services, Inc. 2863 S1
SelectIntelletrace, Inc. 2909
SelectIntermountain Infrastructure Group, LLC 3051
SelectInternational Telcom Ltd.ITL2210 S2
SelectInyo Networks, Inc. 3015
SelectIRU Networks, LLC 3031
SelectKDDI America, Inc. 2568 S2
SelectLeap Frog Telecom, LLCVoce Telecom3007
SelectLegacy Long Distance International, Inc. 3043
SelectLegent Comm LLCLong Distance America d/b/a Long Distance Services2944 S1
SelectLevel 3 Communications, LLC 2384 S1
SelectLevel 3 Telecom of Nevada, LLC 2717 S4
SelectLocal Access LLC 3030
SelectLong Distance Consolidated Billing Co. 2676 S1
SelectLV.Net LLC 2970
SelectMagna5 LLC 3048
SelectMatrix Telecom, LLCClear Choice Communications, et al.994 S6
SelectMCI Communications Services, Inc.Verizon Business Services2084 S8
SelectMCImetro Access Transmission Services Corp. 2209 S3
SelectMcLeodUSA Telecommunications Services, L.L.C.PAETEC Business Services2183 S5
SelectMercury Voice and Data, LLCSuddenlink Communications3019
SelectMetropolitan Telecommunications of Nevada, Inc.MetTel2614 S1
SelectMiracle Communications, Inc. 2878 S1
SelectMitel Cloud Services, Inc. 1096 S4
SelectMobilitie Management, LLC 3036
SelectMobilitie, LLC 2886 S1
SelectMpower Communications Corp.TPx Communications2068 Sub 7
SelectMultiline Long Distance, Inc. 2877 S1
SelectNational Access Long Distance, Inc. 2681 S2
SelectNational Comtel Network Inc. 2702 S1
SelectNational Directory Assistance, LLC 2701 S1
SelectNationwide Long Distance Service, Inc. 2856 S1
SelectNetcom Systems Group, LLC 3033
SelectNetFortris Acquisition Co., Inc. 2799 S7
SelectNetwolves Network Services LLC 2966
SelectNetwork Billing Systems, L.L.C. 2399 S1
SelectNetwork Communications International Corp.1800Call4Less & Mundo Telecom2479 S2
SelectNetwork Innovations, Inc. 2905
SelectNetwork Service Billing, Inc. 2836 S1
SelectNetworkIP, L.L.C. 2530 S1
SelectNeutral Tandem-Nevada, LLC 2827 S1
SelectNevada Broadband Networks, Inc. 2962 S1
SelectNewPath Networks, LLC 2868 S1
SelectNextGen Communications, Inc. 2945
SelectNHC Communications 3020
SelectNorstar Telecommunications, LLC 2874 S1
SelectNOS Communications, Inc.011 Communications et al.1041 S4
SelectNOSVA, Limited PartnershipCierraCom Systems2342 S2
SelectNuwave Communications, Inc 3026
SelectOnvoy, LLC 2973 S1
SelectOperator Service Company, LLC 1048 S2
SelectOPEX Communications, Inc.TCI Long Distance2380 S3
SelectPaeTec Communications, LLC 2373 S3
SelectPay Tel Communications, Inc. 2963
SelectPeerless Network of Nevada, LLC 2867 S2
SelectPioneer Telephone 2800 S1
SelectPlumas Sierra Telecommunications 2955
SelectPNG Telecommunications Inc.PowerNet Global Communications2177 S2
SelectPreferred Long Distance, Inc.d/b/a Telplex Communications d/b/a Telplex2772 S2
SelectProtel Advantage, Inc. 2760 S1
SelectPublic Communications Services, Inc. 2834 S1
SelectQuantumShift Communications, Inc.vCom Solutions2977
SelectRCLEC, Inc. 3028
SelectReduced Rate Long Distance LLC 2645 S1
SelectRX3 Communications, Inc 3044
SelectSage Telecom Communications, LLC 2852 S2
SelectSatview Broadband Ltd 3023
SelectSBC Long Distance, LLCAT&T Long Distance2745 S4
SelectSecurus Technologies, Inc. 2407 S3
SelectSilv Communication Inc. 2869 S1
SelectSmart City Networks, LP 3000
SelectSouthwest Telephone Company 2980
SelectSpan3 Inc. 2974
SelectSpectrotel, Inc. 2829 S1
SelectSprint Communications Company L.P. 946 S4
SelectSQF, LLC 3049
SelectStratus Networks, Inc. 3041
SelectSwitch Business Solutions, LLC 2841 S1
SelectTalk America Services, LLC 3018
SelectTalk America, LLC 1021 S7
SelectTDS Long Distance Corporation 3003
SelectTeleport Communications America, LLC 2804 S2
SelectTeliax, Inc. 3045
SelectTelrite Corporation 2762 S1
SelectTotal Holdings, Inc.GTC Communications2914
SelectTouchtone Communications Inc. 2957
SelectTower Consulting, Inc. 2985
SelectU.S. South Communications, Inc.U.S. South and INCOMM2184 S1
SelectU.S. Telecom Long Distance, Inc. 2276 S3
SelectU.S. TelePacific Corp.TPx Communications2436 Sub 3
SelectUSA Digital Communications, Inc. 2500 S1
SelectUtility Telecom Group, LLCUtility Telephone2833 S2
SelectValley Communications Association, LLC 3056
SelectValley Electric Association, Inc. 700 S2
SelectValue-Added Communications, Inc. 2549 S1
SelectVelocity The Greatest Phone Company Ever, Inc. 2930
SelectVerizon Long Distance LLC 2528 S3
SelectVerizon Select Services Inc. 2028 S4
SelectVictory Telecom, Inc. 3029
SelectVitcom LLC 3014
SelectVoicecom Telecommunications, LLC 2838 S1
SelectVoxbeam Telecommunications Inc.Magic Telecom3011
SelectWANRack, LLC 3042
SelectWest Safety Communications Inc. 2689 S2
SelectWest Telecom Services, LLC 2664 S4
SelectWholesale Carrier Services, Inc. 2713 S2
SelectWide Voice, LLC 2899 S1
SelectWilTel Communications, LLC 2426 S3
SelectWiMacTel Inc. 2952
SelectWindstream Communications, LLC 2848 S3
SelectWindstream NuVox, LLC 2961 S1
SelectWorking Assets Funding Service, Inc.Credo Long Distance1047 S3
SelectWorldwide Telecommunications Inc.Worldwide Telecom Inc.2828 S1
SelectX2Comm, Inc.Direct Connect Communications2677 S2
SelectXO Communications Services, LLC 2121 S 3
SelectXYN Communications, LLC 3038
SelectYMax Communications Corp. 2853 S1
SelectZayo Group, LLC 2958