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 Dkt No.Date FiledDescription
View15-0103001/21/2015Investigation regarding the water system improvement plan provided in the preliminary engineering report for Spirit Mountain Utility Company, Inc. and the feasibility of and potential financing for the plan.
View14-1200112/01/2014Investigation and rulemaking to address affiliate transactions.
View14-1001910/17/2014Investigation and rulemaking to review and evaluate the merits of a prepayment program for electric services.
View14-1001810/16/2014Rulemaking to address alternatives to the current lost revenue adjustment mechanism ("LRAM").
View14-0900809/12/2014Rulemaking to reflect changes to the Economic Development Electric Rate Rider Program set forth in Assembly Bill 1 of the 28th (2014) Special Session of the Nevada Legislature.
View14-0703007/18/2014Investigation regarding joint trench installation of dry utility facilities.
View14-0600906/04/2014Investigation regarding whether separate customer classes of service for net metering customers should be established.
View14-0402504/17/2014Investigation into the use of the Western Renewable Energy Generation Information System ("WREGIS") to track and certify Nevada portfolio energy credits.
View13-0602306/14/2013Rulemaking to address an emissions reduction and capacity replacement plan and other matters related thereto in accordance with Senate Bill 123.
View13-0602106/14/2013Rulemaking to amend, adopt, and/or repeal regulations pertaining to Chapter 704 of the Nevada Administrative Code regarding the selection and duties of an independent administrator who will certify or recertify Lifeline service eligibility in accordance with Senate Bill 498.
View13-0602006/14/2013Rulemaking to amend, adopt, and/or repeal regulations pertaining to Chapter 704 of the Nevada Administrative Code regarding the portfolio standard and portfolio energy credits in accordance with Senate Bill 252.
View12-1203012/24/2012Investigation regarding demand side management in Nevada.
View12-1100211/02/2012Investigation of ongoing receivership of Wendover Gas Company and oversight by the Fourth Judicial District Court, Elko County, and matters related thereto, including reliability and safety issues, propane supply, and possible acquisition by the City of West Wendover, Nevada.
View12-1001310/11/2012Investigation regarding voltage and volt-ampere reactive (var) control and optimization.
View12-0702407/30/2012Investigation and rulemaking regarding the annual assessment of telecommunication revenues.
View12-0401604/16/2012Rulemaking to adopt, amend, or repeal regulations associated with the portfolio standard and resource planning process.
View12-0401204/13/2012Investigation regarding calculation of the gross domestic product deflator pursuant to Section 24 of LCB File No. R036-10.
View12-0201702/16/2012Investigation and rulemaking to amend the Nevada Administrative Code to provide a simplified procedure for changing rates for those public utilities which furnish only liquefied petroleum gas.
View12-0201502/16/2012Investigation and rulemaking to adopt, amend, and/or repeal regulations pertaining to Chapter 705 of the Nevada Administrative Code regarding relevant reporting requirements and other issues relating to the transportation of materials via railroad.
View12-0201302/16/2012Investigation and rulemaking to adopt, amend, and/or repeal regulations pertaining to the Commission's processes and procedures.