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 Dkt No.Date FiledDescription
View17-0201102/09/2017Investigation to examine the benefits of re-starting the residential lighting program to promote the installation of high-efficiency lighting (LED) in Nevada.
View16-1001110/14/2016Investigation regarding notice provisions for the termination of natural gas service.
View16-1000810/11/2016Investigation and rulemaking regarding the amendment of NAC 704.370, 704.3936, and 704.4185 pursuant to Assembly Bill 170 (2013).
View16-0703207/29/2016Rulemaking to amend, adopt, or repeal regulations pertaining to portfolio energy credits.
View16-0601106/06/2016Investigation regarding security deposit options for service in Nevada Power Company d/b/a NV Energy and Sierra Pacific Power Company d/b/a NV Energy’s service territories.
View16-0102101/20/2016Rulemaking to amend, adopt, or repeal regulations pertaining to the fund to maintain the availability of telephone service in Nevada.
View16-0101801/15/2016Investigation into electric vehicle charging infrastructure.
View16-0101301/11/2016Investigation regarding energy storage technologies.
View15-0601506/11/2015Investigation regarding the issues associated with analyzing applications filed pursuant to Chapter 704B of the Nevada Revised Statutes to ensure that approval of these applications will not be contrary to the public interest.
View15-0103001/21/2015Investigation regarding the water system improvement plan provided in the preliminary engineering report for Spirit Mountain Utility Company, Inc. and the feasibility of and potential financing for the plan.
View14-0402504/17/2014Investigation into the use of the Western Renewable Energy Generation Information System ("WREGIS") to track and certify Nevada portfolio energy credits.
View13-0602106/14/2013Rulemaking to amend, adopt, and/or repeal regulations pertaining to Chapter 704 of the Nevada Administrative Code regarding the selection and duties of an independent administrator who will certify or recertify Lifeline service eligibility in accordance with Senate Bill 498.
View12-1001310/11/2012Investigation regarding voltage and volt-ampere reactive (var) control and optimization.
View12-0201702/16/2012Investigation and rulemaking to amend the Nevada Administrative Code to provide a simplified procedure for changing rates for those public utilities which furnish only liquefied petroleum gas.