Organizational Structure

The Public Utilities Commission of Nevada (“Commission”) is divided into two general sections: Commission Policy/Administration and Regulatory Operations. Commission Policy/Administration includes the Commissioners, Executive Director, Administration, General Counsel, Utilities Hearing Officers, Policy Analysis, the Public Information Office, and Consumer Outreach. Regulatory Operations includes the enforcement and analytical staff of the Commission, containing the Director of Regulatory Operations, Staff Counsel, Resource and Market Analysis, Financial Analysis, Engineering, Rail Safety, and Consumer Complaint Resolution.

Commission Policy/Administration


The Commission is comprised of three Commissioners who are each appointed by the Governor to a four-year term. The Governor designates one Commissioner as Chairman.

In contested matters, rulemakings, and investigations, a Commissioner is assigned to govern the proceedings to act as the Presiding Officer. The Presiding Officer, in contested cases, acts in a quasi-judicial manner by receiving and ruling on the admissibility of evidence and amendments to pleadings, acting upon any pending motions which do not involve a final determination of the proceeding, issuing appropriate interim orders, ruling on all procedural matters, setting timeframes for oral testimony and making findings of fact and conclusions of law for the full Commission to approve. Witnesses are presented and are subject to cross-examination by the other parties, Commissioners and Commissioners’ advisors. Likewise, in rulemaking proceedings, the Presiding Officer receives public comment on proposed regulations.

All matters over which the Commission has supervision, control, jurisdiction or advisory power must be approved by a quorum of Commissioners during a public agenda meeting. Thus, during these meetings, the Commissioners vote on Regulatory Operation Staff (“Staff”) recommendations for resolution of matters which did not go to hearing, and vote on other recommendations presented by the Presiding Officer for final determination of matters in which hearings have been held. The Commissioners also vote on various administrative, legislative, legal and policy issues in state and federal regulatory matters, including those before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (“FERC”) and the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”).


Paul A. Thomsen Chairman(775) 684-6101 Carson City
Alaina Burtenshaw Commissioner(775) 684-6101 Las Vegas
David Noble Commissioner(775) 684-6101 Carson City
Executive Director
The Executive Director serves as Chief Financial Officer and directs the daily operations of the Commission including without limitation, budget preparation, administration, human resources, media relations and consumer outreach, purchases and acquisitions made by the Commission and contracts and leases entered into by the Commission. The Executive Director also develops and implements policies and procedures to ensure the efficient operation of the Commission including Regulatory Operations.

Executive Director Staff

Stephanie Mullen Executive Director(775) 684-6177stmullen@puc.nv.govCarson City
Debra Christensen Executive Assistant(775) 684-6191christensen@puc.nv.govCarson City
Public Information Office
The Public Information Office is responsible for coordinating all external communications with the public, media, financial community, trade organizations and other interested groups. The Public Information Officer (PIO) monitors state legislative activities and produces reports as needed, and interacts with other state agencies and branches of local, state and federal government to increase understanding of Commission activities.

Public Information Office Staff

Peter  Kostes Public Information Officer(775) 684-6118pkostes@puc.nv.govCarson City
Consumer Outreach
Consumer Outreach is responsible for managing consumer outreach efforts to include: development and dissemination of outreach materials, development and tracking of outreach activities, and attending and speaking at community events.

Consumer Outreach Staff

Dawn  Rivard Consumer Outreach Director(702) 486-7214drivard@puc.nv.govLas Vegas
Administration is responsible for the overall administrative operations of the Commission to include budget and fiscal management; assessments, fees and administrative fines; human resources and management services; computer systems and operations; and the Electronic Filings and Records Management System.

Administration Staff Members

Breanne  Potter Commission Secretary(775) 684-6167bpotter@puc.nv.govCarson City
Trisha  Osborne Asst Commission Secretary(775) 684-6112trosborne@puc.nv.govCarson City
Nichole  Shafer Financial Officer(775) 684-6195nshafer@puc.nv.govCarson City
Kelly  Frantz Management Analyst II(775) 684-6134krfrantz@puc.nv.govCarson City
Ann  Scott Administrative Analyst(775) 684-6187amscott@puc.nv.govCarson City
Keri  Simpson Accounting Assistant III(775) 684-6181ksimpson@puc.nv.govCarson City
Blanca  Castillo Admin Assistant IV(775) 684-6196bcastillo@puc.nv.govCarson City
Suzanne  Andersen Admin Assistant III(775) 684-6168sandersen@puc.nv.govCarson City
Ashley  Kirtley Admin Assistant II(775) 684-6101akirtley@puc.nv.govCarson City
Brigitte  Cooley Admin Assistant I(702) 486-7210bcooley@puc.nv.govLas Vegas
Business Process Services
Business Process Services is responsible for the Commission’s core business processes relating to docket management. This includes implementing processes necessary to support the acceptance and management of “legally defensible” electronic documents and records. Business Process Services also manages the master dockets, prepares agenda meeting notices and maintains the Commission’s master calendar.

Business Process Services Staff Members

Jennifer  Sturm Business Process Analyst II(775) 684-6144jsturm@puc.nv.govCarson City
Sabrena  Cusick Business Process Analyst I(775) 684-6198scusick@puc.nv.govCarson City

Electronic Filings and Records Management Staff Members

Rupert  White EFRM System Manager(775) 684-6129rwhite@puc.nv.govCarson City

Computer Systems Staff Members

Carl  Ronk Manager, Systems Operations(775) 684-6192gronk@puc.nv.govCarson City
Ian  Alvernaz IT Technician VI(702) 486-7236ialvernaz@puc.nv.govLas Vegas
General Counsel
General Counsel is responsible for representing the Commission’s interests in all proceedings in state and federal court. The division represents the Commission's interests before various state and federal regulatory agencies including the FERC; counsels commissioners and administrative attorneys on legal and policy issues; and reviews and approves notices, orders, notices of agenda meetings, regulations, legislation and other legal documents prepared by administrative attorneys and the legal case manager. The division is also responsible for case management and reviewing the Commission's administrative procedures to assure compliance with the Administrative Procedures Act as well as other statutes and regulations applicable to the Commission.

General Counsel Staff Members

Elizabeth  Avram Legal Research Assistant(775) 684-6108eavram@puc.nv.govCarson City
Andrew  Hall Legal Case Manager(702) 486-7242ahall@puc.nv.govLas Vegas
Garrett  Weir Asst General Counsel(775) 684-6185gweir@puc.nv.govCarson City
Hayley  Williamson Asst General Counsel(775) 684-6174hwilliamson@puc.nv.govCarson City
Administrative Attorneys
Administrative Attorneys are responsible for providing preliminary advice and counsel to the assigned Commissioner; interpreting relevant laws, regulations, policies and procedures as they apply to specific utility issues; drafting legally sufficient opinions, notices, orders and regulations for the Commissioners; and making fair and impartial recommendations to the Commissioners based on fact and conclusions of the law.

Administrative Attorneys

Jessica  Diss Admin Attorney (Noble)(775) 684-6173jsdiss@puc.nv.govCarson City
Daniel  Haggarty Admin Attorney (Thomsen)(775) 684-6152dhaggarty@puc.nv.govCarson City
Matthew  Fox Admin Attorney (Burtenshaw)(702) 486-7096msfox@puc.nv.govLas Vegas
Utilities Hearings Officers
The Utilities Hearing Officers hold administrative hearings on applications to provide utility services, tariff rates, financial practices, jurisdictional issues and consumer complaints, write administrative orders, and arbitrate disputes between telecommunications providers. The Utilities Hearing Officers schedule and preside over administrative proceedings including prehearing conferences, consumer sessions, workshops, mediations, arbitrations and hearings in rulemakings, investigations and contested cases. The Utilities Hearing Officers also research and analyze evidence while drafting orders and opinions based on the record as well as state and federal law, which is reviewed and voted on by the Commissioners. Finally, the Utilities Hearing Officers review petitions for reconsideration and draft appropriate responses. The decisions of the Utilities Hearing Officers are subject to appeal by the Commission in the same manner that the decisions of a Presiding Officer are subject to appeal and review by the Commission. The Utilities Hearing Officers, however, are not able to vote on any matter before the Commission.

Utilities Hearing Officers Staff Members

Donald  Lomoljo Utilities Hearing Officer(775) 684-6121dlomoljo@puc.nv.govCarson City
Policy Analysis
Policy Analysis is responsible for providing policy, technical support and advice to the Commissioners on various aspects of utility issues including telecommunications, electric, gas, water and sewer. This involves evaluating, analyzing and interpreting utility data; drafting opinions, orders and regulations and ensuring they are technically accurate, consistent and complete; and providing policy and technical assistance to the Commission during hearings and rulemaking sessions. The Policy Analysis also provides policy and technical assistance to General Counsel during all proceedings before state and federal courts as well as federal regulatory agencies.

Policy Analysis Staff Members

Craig  McDonnell Manager, Policy Analysis(775) 684-6149cmcdonnell@puc.nv.govCarson City
John  Candelaria Policy Advisor(702) 486-4497jcandelaria@puc.nv.govLas Vegas
Kim  Lighthart Policy Advisor(775) 684-6176klighthart@puc.nv.govCarson City
Steve  Traxler Policy Advisor(775) 684-7582straxler@puc.nv.govCarson City
Cristina  Zuniga Policy Advisor(775) 684-6182czuniga@puc.nv.govCarson City
Regulatory Operations
Regulatory Operations Staff (“Staff”) appears and participates in cases before the Commission as an independent party, balancing the interests of ratepayers and utility shareholders to ensure safe and reliable service at a reasonable cost.
Director of Regulatory Operations
The Director of Regulatory Operations (“DRO”) supervises and manages all aspects of Staff, consisting of five technical divisions and Staff Counsel. The DRO ensures that all Staff employees perform at a high level of competence and professionalism; organizes and manages all Staff regulatory functions including resources to ensure timely completion of analyses and submission of testimony, comments, reports and other filings to the Commission; and makes recommendations to the Commission regarding public utility matters. Additionally, the DRO monitors public utilities’ compliance with applicable statutes, regulations and Commission orders.

Regulatory Operations Staff Members

Anne-Marie  Cuneo Dir of Regulatory Operations(775) 684-6135amcuneo@puc.nv.govCarson City
Mahin  Quintero Executive Assistant(775) 684-6105mquintero@puc.nv.govCarson City
Staff Counsel
Staff Counsel performs the legal functions of Staff and is responsible for providing legal counsel and support to Staff management and employees. These duties include formulating legal strategy and legal positions regarding utility filings; drafting case discovery; reviewing utility filings for legal adequacy and content; and preparing pleadings, briefs, responses to petitions, stipulations and other filings applicable to the regulation of Nevada utilities. The division also reviews and assists in the development of Staff testimony and filings; ensures that Staff's positions are in compliance with Nevada statutes and regulations; represents Staff at Commission hearings and workshops; assists in the development of proposed regulations and legislation; and provides other legal support to Staff divisions. Staff Counsel is the only division within Staff that addresses, in some form, every case filed with the Commission.

Staff Counsel Staff Members

Tammy  Cordova Staff Counsel(775) 684-6122tcordova@puc.nv.govCarson City
Tina  Roberts Supr, Lgl Secretary, Case Mngr(775) 684-6141troberts@puc.nv.govCarson City
Nicole  Kennedy Legal Secretary(775) 684-6102nkennedy@puc.nv.govCarson City
Shayla  Hooker Legal Secretary(702) 486-7275shooker@puc.nv.govLas Vegas
Meredith  Barnett Asst Staff Counsel(775) 684-7583mbarnett@puc.nv.govCarson City
Shelly  Cassity Asst Staff Counsel(702) 486-7218scassity@puc.nv.govLas Vegas
Samuel  Crano Asst Staff Counsel(775) 684-6151scrano@puc.nv.govCarson City
Christine  Greve Legal Case Manager(702) 486-7904cgreve@puc.nv.govLas Vegas
Louise  Uttinger Asst Staff Counsel(775) 684-6124uttinger@puc.nv.govCarson City
Resource and Market Analysis
Resource and Market Analysis is responsible for all economic analyses of electric, natural gas and local telephone utility performance; rate designs; CPC applications; merger and competitive issue reviews; interconnection agreements; and other tariff reviews, including compliances. The division also provides information to the public regarding installation of renewable facilities, participation in the renewable portfolio standard and any incentive or subsidy programs available.

Resource and Market Analysis Staff Members

Yasuji  Otsuka Manager, Resource & Market(775) 684-6131yotsuka@puc.nv.govCarson City
Teri  Kinard Admin Assistant III(775) 684-6157tkinard@puc.nv.govCarson City
Anita  Castledine Economist(775) 684-6162acastledine@puc.nv.govCarson City
Joshua  Edelman Senior Utility Analyst(775) 684-6160jedelman@puc.nv.govCarson City
Manny  Lopez Senior Economist(775) 684-6163lopez@puc.nv.govCarson City
Karen  Olesky Economist(702) 486-7908kolesky@puc.nv.govLas Vegas
Darci  Stewart PEC Administrator(775) 684-6171darcistewart@puc.nv.govCarson City
Swetha  Venkat Economist(702) 486-7095svenkat@puc.nv.govLas Vegas
Anita  Whitmore Senior Utility Analyst(775) 684-6138whitmore@puc.nv.govCarson City
Financial Analysis
Financial Analysis is responsible for the project management and audit of general rate change applications and analysis of filings for electric, natural gas, telephone, water and wastewater utilities. Additionally, the division is responsible for the project management and audit of deferred energy and purchase gas adjustment applications and mobile home park filings, analyzing and processing applications for licenses, reviewing applications for certificates of public convenience and necessity and changes in ownership, reviewing annual report filings, tracking compliance for non-safety issues, and monitoring universal energy charge collections.

Financial Analysis Staff Members

Rex  Bosier Manager, Financial Analysis(775) 684-6148rbosier@puc.nv.govCarson City
Elizabeth  Biasotti Admin Assistant III(775) 684-6155ebiasotti@puc.nv.govCarson City
John  Brownrigg Financial Analyst(702) 486-7241jbrownrigg@puc.nv.govLas Vegas
Kimberly  Drake Financial Analyst(775) 684-6190kdrake@puc.nv.govCarson City
Jeff  Landerfelt Financial Analyst(775) 684-6156jefflanderfelt@puc.nv.govCarson City
Nichole  Loar Financial Analyst(775) 684-6170nloar@puc.nv.govCarson City
Aaron  Luelling Financial Analyst(702) 486-7276aluelling@puc.nv.govLas Vegas
Kent  Steadman Financial Analyst(702) 486-7244ksteadman@puc.nv.govLas Vegas
Charles  Whitman Senior Financial Analyst(702) 486-7906cwhitman@puc.nv.govLas Vegas
Engineering is responsible for monitoring the implementation of electric renewable portfolio standards and demand-side management activities as well as forecasting Nevada’s electric energy and capacity requirements. The division monitors water and wastewater utilities for quality of service, environmental compliance and financial performance; and reviews UEPA applications for construction permits for compliance with environmental requirements for new water and/or wastewater facilities. The division also implements a gas pipeline safety program in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Transportation, Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration.

Engineering Staff Members

Paul  Maguire Manager, Engineering(775) 684-6143pmaguire@puc.nv.govCarson City
Cynthia  Martin Admin Assistant III(775) 684-6104cmartin@puc.nv.govCarson City
Daniel  Adesina Gas Pipeline Engineer(775) 684-6133adadesina@puc.nv.govCarson City
Gary  Cameron Resource Planning Engineer(775) 684-6137gcameron@puc.nv.govCarson City
Adam  Danise Electrical Engineer(702) 486-7299adanise@puc.nv.govLas Vegas
Michael  Evans Gas Pipeline Engineer(775) 684-6147mikeevans@puc.nv.govCarson City
Kelly  Everson Gas Pipeline Engineer(702) 249-9462keverson@puc.nv.govLas Vegas
Mark  Harris Electrical Engineer(775) 684-6165mpharris@puc.nv.govCarson City
Seth  Johnson Electrical Engineer(775) 684-6139swjohnson@puc.nv.govCarson City
Judy  Kareck Senior Engineering Analyst(775) 684-6179jkareck@puc.nv.govCarson City
Percival  Lucban Electrical Engineer(702) 486-7094plucban@puc.nv.govLas Vegas
Neil  Pascual Senior Gas Pipeline Engineer(702) 486-7209npascual@puc.nv.govLas Vegas
Craig  Rogers Gas Pipeline Engineer(702) 469-6733crogers@puc.nv.govLas Vegas
Adam  Roney Senior Analyst(775) 684-6140aroney@puc.nv.govCarson City
Ken  Saarem Gas Pipeline Engineer(775) 443-8968ksaarem@puc.nv.govCarson City
Cynthia  Turiczek Water Engineer(775) 684-6146cturiczek@puc.nv.govCarson City
Rail Safety
Rail Safety in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Railroad Administration participates in the enforcement of federal safety regulations and orders applicable to railroad track, hazardous materials shipments, rolling equipment and operations in Nevada. The division also reviews applications to modify or construct new railroad crossings.

Rail Safety Staff Members

Coby  Cates Safety Specialist III, Railway(702) 486-7216ccates@puc.nv.govLas Vegas
Gregory  Metcalf Safety Specialist III, Railway(702) 486-7274gmetcalf@puc.nv.govLas Vegas
Thomas  Miller Safety Supervisor, Railway(702) 486-7240tlmiller@puc.nv.govLas Vegas
Consumer Complaint Resolution
Consumer Complaint Resolution is responsible for responding to utility consumer needs, problems and inquiries. The division is responsible for receiving, investigating and mediating complaints that arise between customers and their serving utilities including electric, gas, telecommunications, water and sewer. The division also tracks complaint levels and apprises the Commission of arising problem areas. Additionally, it makes recommendations to the Commission and the utilities regarding possible changes in policies or practices relating to the improvement of customer service and complaint resolution.

Consumer Complaint Resolution Staff Members

Peter  Kostes Manager, Consumer Complaint(775) 684-6118pkostes@puc.nv.govCarson City
Kellie  Nichols Senior Compliance Investigator(775) 684-6117kdnichols@puc.nv.govCarson City
Alicia  Cager Compliance Investigator II(702) 486-7910acager@puc.nv.govLas Vegas
Erika  Hernandez Compliance Investigator II(702) 486-7235hernandez@puc.nv.govLas Vegas
Cassandra  Jones Compliance Investigator I(775) 684-6119cjones@puc.nv.govCarson City
Lisa  Scott Compliance Investigator II(702) 486-7230lmscott@puc.nv.govLas Vegas
Lacy  Wynant Admin Assistant III(702) 486-7217lwynant@puc.nv.govLas Vegas