Oral Complaint or Question Form
The PUCN Consumer Complaint Resolution staff can assist with resolving disputes between you and regulated utilities. Some of the matters we can assist with are billing errors, disconnections, repairs, missing payments, or unauthorized charges. Before contacting the PUCN you should contact the utility and give them the opportunity to resolve the matter first. If the matter is not resolved to your satisfaction, complete and submit the oral complaint form.

We have jurisdiction over utilities, but not over federal surcharges or taxes, city and/or county proposed taxes, interstate long distance (with the exception of slamming), or international long distance calling, municipal utilities, cable television rates or services, cellular phone rates or service, telephone equipment, payphone service, directory advertising, or Internet Service Providers. We also do not have statutory authority to award claims for damages or to determine the existence of alleged negligence or liability for asserted damages.
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