Quick Start Guide to: Registering

      1. You must use Internet Explorer.
      2. You must have an E-mail account.

Create an Account (Click here to open the Registration page.)
      1. Read the acknowledgement and if you agree click the I Acknowledge button.
      2. Use your E-mail address as your login name. Confirmations will be sent to that address.
      3. Create a strong password.
            •   At least 7 characters including at least one special character (!@#$%^&*?),
                  at least one numeric character (1234567890), at least one capital letter,
                  and other lower case characters. Example: Pa$$word3.
      4. Confirm (re-enter) your password.
      5. Set up a challenge question and answer to retrieve a temporary password in case you forget your password.

Login to the Electronic Filing System
      1. Enter your E-mail address (user name) and password (created above).
      2. Click the Login button.

The Electronic Filing User's Guide contains all rules and regulations regarding electronic filing.