Natural Gas, LP Gas and Alternative Sellers
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 Company NameDBACPC Number
SelectAmeriGas Propane, L.P.Bi-State Propane*2926
SelectAmeriGas Propane, L.P.Bi-State Propane*2670 S3
SelectAmeriGas Propane, L.P.Bi-State Propane*2672 S3
SelectAmeriGas Propane, L.P.Bi-State Propane*3067
SelectAmeriGas Propane, L.P.Bi-State Propane*2421 Sub 1
SelectBP Energy Company G-22
SelectCalpine Energy Solutions, LLC G-6 S2
SelectEDF Energy Services, LLC G-31
SelectEDF Trading North America, LLC G-30
SelectIGI Resources, Inc. G-25
SelectJust Energy Solutions Inc. G-13 S1
SelectMt. Grant Propane Gas System 3005
SelectNorth Star Gas Company, LLCYEP EnergyG-37
SelectPacific Summit Energy, LLC G-14
SelectProspector Pipeline Company 3013
SelectShell Energy North America (US), L.P.  
SelectShell Energy North America (US), L.P. G-17
SelectShell Energy North America (US), L.P. G-17
SelectSierra Pacific Power CompanyNV Energy688 S6
SelectSierra Pacific Power CompanyNV Energy685 S20
SelectSouthwest Gas Corporation 2627 Sub 7
SelectSouthwest Gas Corporation 2627 Sub 8
SelectSpark Energy Gas, LLC G-28
SelectSterling Apartments Propane Gas System 3006
SelectSummit Energy Marketing, LLC G-36
SelectSymmetry Energy Solutions, LLC G-33
SelectTiger Natural Gas, Inc.Tiger, Inc.G-29
SelectTwin Eagle Resource Management, LLC G-34
SelectU.S. Energy Services, Inc. G-24
SelectWendover Gas Company 2743
SelectWorld Fuel Services, Inc. G-32