Water and Wastewater
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 Company NameDBACPC Number
SelectCherry Creek Water District, LLC 2814
SelectDesert Utilities, Inc. 1086 S1
SelectDutchman Acres Water Company 2682 S1
SelectEdgewood Water Company 958 S1
SelectGardnerville Water Company 926 S 15
SelectGlenbrook Water Cooperative, Inc. 855S2
SelectGlenbrook Water Cooperative, Inc. 855 Sub 4
SelectGold Country Water Company, Inc. 956 Sub 5
SelectGreat Basin Water Co. 2692 Sub 9
SelectIndian Springs Water Co., Inc. 2737
SelectMidas Water Cooperative 947
SelectMount Charleston Water Company 1099
SelectOld River Water Company 2097
SelectPahrump Utility Company, Inc. 2343 S 14
SelectPahrump Utility Company, Inc. 2720 S 12
SelectPalm Gardens Water Cooperative 2754
SelectPanaca Farmstead Association 2997
SelectRancho Cooperative Water Company 1004
SelectRosemount Water Company 2225
SelectShoshone Estates Water Co., Inc. 2643 S1
SelectSilver Knolls Mutual Water Company 905
SelectSilver Springs Mutual Water Company 718 S 12
SelectSpirit Mountain Utility Company, Inc. 1046
SelectSteamboat Springs Water Works, Inc. 912 S2
SelectVerdi Meadows Utility Company, Inc. 888 Sub 2
SelectVerdi Mutual Water Company 978